Different Levels of Love

There are many different levels’ of Love,

the first one that means the world to me is the

love of a Mother for her Child.  Then there is

the love of a child for their . . . beloved pet,

name Teddy.  There is also the love that we

feel for a job that we enjoy doing, or a craft

that most people can’t do, but you’ve got the

talent for it.  I’ll be the first to say that the

ultimate love is the love of another human,

which should be unconditional, pure,

affectionate, and honest.

Sometimes, I wonder why two people who

go into a relationship feeling all of the above

for each-other, can become hateful, cross,

and just down right evil.  This is a complete

turn around, and then Love is forever gone in

the blink of an eye!   Wow!


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