This Is The Sarcastic Ass Page

There is nothing more annoying

Then someone who’s only talent in the world

is to be a,  Sarcastic Ass!

The type of person who would always

be were they don’t belong,

knows absolutely nothing, and acts like

they know everything!

There is nothing more annoying

then the type of person who is always in your

duck soup and tries their best . . . to piss you off


nothing less than their, Sarcastic Ass!


2 thoughts on “This Is The Sarcastic Ass Page

  1. I’m sorry, I LOOOOOVE sarcasm. I don’t mean to be annoying or to piss anyone off, but games of wit, pun-filled banter, and intelligent sarcasm are true verbal gourmet delights to me.

  2. It’s not a good thing when you’ve grown up embedded in the shit. Sorry, I had too! Now, I must admit that I can be the Queen of Sarcasm myself! I only use it as the beginning of a verbal attack. I would tell you what happens after that! You wouldn’t want to know!

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