My Musical Interests

I’ve picked up my interest in music early in life.  Music was a way to drown out my sorrows as a young adult and then when I needed just time to myself to think about what my next move would be.  Music calmed my thought down, so I could see my way through bad times. I have offend thought of what my most favorite songs would be but, I’ve not been able to pin point one down. There are so many different era’s of music in my head that sometimes I think I’ve lived before . . . many times over!  If I were to put a small list together of the kind of music I listen to it would look something like this:


The Golden Oldies:  George Gershwin–“I’ve Got Rhythm”;

Benny Goodman & Helen Forrest–“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”;

Irving Berlins’ song–Fred Astaire (Artist) “Cheek To Cheek”  (Note: This one makes my cry all the time)


Published in 1942 & Composed by Jimmy Van Heusen with lyrics by Johnny Burke :

“Moonlight Becomes You” –Bing Crosby (Artist)

Artie Shaw–“Begin The Beguine Final

“Smile”–Writer, John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons; Composer, Charlie Chaplin–(Artist–Judy Garland)

I could continue with my favorites list, of out of this world music, but I’m sure you’ve all gotten an idea of what amazing sounds . . . I truly feel blessed to have listen to!  I will continue this trip down my memory lane of music, so come back and take this trip with me!  Also, let me know what you like to hear!

Until, Another Trip With B

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