Achilles Tendon

Achilles Tendon

This pain is worse than the pain I’m in on a regular basis!

My Achilles Tendon is all swollen on my right leg! The pain is unbearable! What is crazy is I’ve got no idea how I did it?  It’s not like I run Marathons, which is something I would really love to do.  Just when I think I’ve got one thing beat . . . I wind up with some other problem!  Go Figure!  This pain is worse than the pain I’m in on a regular basis! I’ve got Fibromyalgia, and Sjogrens Syndrome . . . This is a form of Lupus! And as this isn’t bad enough now I’ve got to go see a Podiatrist, like I needed another doctor! I am truly turning into a huge doctor bill!


Where Was I Yesterday?

Home Sweet Home

I was born in Manhattan, and raised in The Bronx! Left New York for 23 years, raised my kids in the good old South. But, somehow the hustle and bustle–called me back!

Went to Brooklyn yesterday to visit my son. My husband was behind the wheel so, all along the way I took many photos, and this one was my favorite. The day was beautiful and taking pictures was a good idea. I didn’t have a lot to ramble about, but I hope you will enjoy my photo–as much as I do!

B’s Many Creative Endeavors!


I promised my little girl that when she got marriedI’d make her the cake she wanted. I did! It wasn’t quite what I wanted but she was happy. Now mind you, I’m not as healthy as I seem, I promised and I did it.  I’ve put my mind to many things in life and I’ve done most of them.  So, I’ll beginning telling you about my most important endeavor giving birth to my babies,  They are and will always be, My Best Creation Ever!
Now, bloggers this story is too good to tell you about it quickly, so we’ll just take it slow.  Oops, that almost sounds like lyrics to a song, but we won’t go there.  Hang on tight, and enjoy the ride of how Creative B . . . got to do what she put her mind to!


B . . . Just being me!

    1. B . . . Just being me!
      “No, I’m not in a gang–Don’t need one!” I can take care of myself, in any situation! Anybody that knows for me knows that! Most of my family and friends think I’m a bit nutty, but I just like to be fancy free B. Those that are afraid . . . Well, I’m wondering why? I truly am an angel!

    “I Have to Laugh”

    “I have to laugh . . . To stay Sane!

    We can’t control our DNA is right,

    but we can take charge of our lives

    and roll with the


    Controlling anything in our lives

    is a challenge, but doing–what

    we’ve got to do . . . Our legacy!”

    ~~ Barbara Mujica Carrasquillo

    The Challenges In Life!  We all have to deal with them one way or another!

    Happy New Years 2013 Is Here!

    Here it is the New Year and not much has changed!

    I was looking forward to this year, because I’ve got

    several plans to make things different, but there is

    always something that blocks my path!   I know it’s

    not me doing it . . . I think it’s just someone around

    giving me a negative vibe.  I’ve got to figure out a

    way to get rid of this negativity and move on.

    Sometimes we’ve got to let go and walk on our own

    two feet!   Something has got to give!

    Is it wrong for me to just zone out those that make

    me nuts and hinder my journey?  I don’t think so,

    but am I wrong to feel this way?   I’ll leave that

    answer to all of my blogger friends, what do you