Facing An Inescapable Demise

                   By Barbara M Carrasquillo

     The last five years of my life have been a life-altering 
experience because of a male friend of mine,and the challenges he
faced. Carlton Matthew Champion Jr., (a. k. a.) C.J., was born
May 27, 1956 and passed from this life, on June 21, 2006. He only
lived fifty years, but truly made the best of every day. He was a
veteran of the Vietnam War, a Staff Sergeant, and received an
Honorable Discharged.
     While in the service, of our country, C. J. was stationed in
Germany and met his beloved wife Margo Brown. After their years of
military life and many relocations, they moved into a double-wide
trailer home,on 5-acres of land, and began their own roofing business.
     Fate brought us together. The friendship that occurred would be
never-ending. The impression I received was one of: Strength,
intelligence, joy and love.
     In the summer of 2001, I met C.J. and his wife Margo. He was a
strong-willed man, who worked in the sun and had a deep dark tan.
He was slender about 5’9” with a large head, protruding eye brows,
deep-set eyes of ocean blue, a thick mustache, and black military
style hair cut. When we went over for coffee and cake, we all sat at
the round table, in the sunroom and talked about everything for hours.
     C.J., was always a joker! When we were told about his diagnosis,
of Emphysema and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) 
compassion set in, because I had Asthma and I knew what he faced in
his life. He worried about me. I worried about him!
     We became the Four Musketeers and traveled as much as possible
in the following four years, to places such as: 
Galveston, TX.,Gatlinburg TN., Tunica MS., and Metropolis TN., and
enjoyed ourselves greatly, especially the gambling. On our trips,
oxygen canisters and all of his medications were imperative.
My medications were the same. Since he had more Albuterol than I did
he’d say, “I have got all the breathing medication we’ll need!” But,
whenever C.J. got in a casino, ironically enough, energy would course
through his veins, and no breathing treatments were necessary. 
     However, when he exited the casino, he would gasp for air and
call out for oxygen! This made us all bust out laughing.
Now all we have left is his memory!
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One thought on “Facing An Inescapable Demise

  1. Great story Titi! Life is short so we have to live it to the fullest! I love you!

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