32 Days And Counting!

Today was Memorial Day and I took it as a day of rest.

I’ve been working so hard on the planning of my only 

daughters Wedding.  We have only 32 days left and

it’s crunch time.  I must admit it is a huge task, but 

when you are a Virgo and a perfectionist, it’s hard to

hire or delegate someone else to do the work.  I know

that when this massive job is over . . . I will take the 

biggest deep breath of my life.  

I’ve always taking challenges on with a forward thrust, 

it’s just in my nature. Friends and family members are

a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish this, but 

I plan on proving them all wrong.  

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog and 

of course I’ve missed it.  It just seems that I do better

with my writing when I’m all alone, and since there are

always people around me . . . looking for my in-put, I’m

never really alone.  Now, I know why Hemingway liked 

to be alone and work on his writing.


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