“Relocation . . . It has been a big part of my life!”

Home Sweet Home
New York City

I’ve been back in New York City, for about 4 months

now, and I’m loving it. Each day gets better, and I get

more familiar with my surroundings.

The only thing I miss about Tennessee is my small

family still back there in my Southern home.  But, in

all reality I feel like I never lift, I do say that I’ve never

regretted leaving New York. The big city is in my blood

and when I drive to Manhattan I get a feeling of

belonging somewhere. I love every thing about this

city and I don’t want to be anywhere else.


2 thoughts on ““Relocation . . . It has been a big part of my life!”

  1. Hello Haze Zipperer,

    I’m glad you enjoyed my small article and I appreciate that you took
    the time to comment about it. I have tried to post daily, so please don’t
    hesitate to stop by and say hello!
    Happy Thanksgiving and Have a Blessed Day with those you love!


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