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Achilles Tendon

Achilles Tendon

This pain is worse than the pain I’m in on a regular basis!

My Achilles Tendon is all swollen on my right leg! The pain is unbearable! What is crazy is I’ve got no idea how I did it?  It’s not like I run Marathons, which is something I would really love to do.  Just when I think I’ve got one thing beat . . . I wind up with some other problem!  Go Figure!  This pain is worse than the pain I’m in on a regular basis! I’ve got Fibromyalgia, and Sjogrens Syndrome . . . This is a form of Lupus! And as this isn’t bad enough now I’ve got to go see a Podiatrist, like I needed another doctor! I am truly turning into a huge doctor bill!


Today I Got It Done!

Today, I got another app on my smart phone, and believe it or not at my age this is an accomplishment.  Most people I know over their 50’s don’t have the patience, to work a remote control much less a smart phone, but I always hear that the more you push your brain to learn, the longer your mind stays active.  So, brain put on that seatbelt and buckle down for a long ride, to my active mentality.  We are on our way into a new era of smart technology, and we need to keep up or we’ll get lost!