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In Response To A Blog!

I read a blog the other day about a bunch of questions on a Citizenship Test, which is given to people trying to become US Citizens. Now, I see comments on that same blog that makes me want to cry! My grandchildren were both born here, and it scares me to think that my grand-children will grow up, in a country–where not many citizens, who were born here . . . know those questions! 

WOW . . . this comment was upsetting to me, because if our next generations, don’t know enough of the answers to those questions–then what chance do we have as a Nation! I almost want to cry, because everybody seems to have pasted the buck! By this I mean; someone has passed the education, of our youth, to sit solely on the shoulders of the teachers! This isn’t fair! They aren’t our kids parents . . . They are there to put the seed in our kids heads, and it’s the Parents job, to drive in the stake that will hold up the tree! Come on people lets step up to the plate and do this right!!!!