You Have Always Had My Heart!

ImageI try to figure out what happened to us Boo!  We were always together, and I never wanted to lose sight of you, but somehow over the years you’ve felt unwanted and confused about how much you are loved.  I’ve got only one word that might bring out this unfounded feeling!


Evidently, this wasn’t enough, but nobody is perfect and I know I’m not without question! I do know one thing my dear daughter you give me air in my lungs to breathe , you give my heartbeats to live, and most of all darling daughter, you’re the best part–of me!



A Writer Is Emerging Rapidly!

In past couple of days, I’ve had this sudden urge . . . To post
several different ideas in my blog. I feel a bit strange, and I
wonder is this what Ernest Hemingway felt like when ideas
came to him, in small segments! Today will certainly be a
busy day for me. Only because I’ve got several crochet projects
that have to get finished, and many crochet projects that have
to begin. I also know to be a good writer. I’ve got to be a good
reader! I read somewhere this week that reading the works
of other authors, will enhance my writing. So, I certainly want
to learn from the best, can you blame me. Thank the good Lord
for adding multitasking into a woman’s brain, just like he
inserted red. Since I’ve begun the day riding, and it’s only
1:30 p.m., on a Sunday afternoon– I will end this next post
on my blog with a final thought.
Quote of the day:
“You may not be an outstanding writer, but put pen in-hand and your thoughts will flow!” ~~BMC~~

B’s Many Creative Endeavors!


I promised my little girl that when she got marriedI’d make her the cake she wanted. I did! It wasn’t quite what I wanted but she was happy. Now mind you, I’m not as healthy as I seem, I promised and I did it.  I’ve put my mind to many things in life and I’ve done most of them.  So, I’ll beginning telling you about my most important endeavor giving birth to my babies,  They are and will always be, My Best Creation Ever!
Now, bloggers this story is too good to tell you about it quickly, so we’ll just take it slow.  Oops, that almost sounds like lyrics to a song, but we won’t go there.  Hang on tight, and enjoy the ride of how Creative B . . . got to do what she put her mind to!


B . . . Just being me!

    1. B . . . Just being me!
      “No, I’m not in a gang–Don’t need one!” I can take care of myself, in any situation! Anybody that knows for me knows that! Most of my family and friends think I’m a bit nutty, but I just like to be fancy free B. Those that are afraid . . . Well, I’m wondering why? I truly am an angel!

    Now What Do I Do Now?

    DCIM100MEDIA    I’ve made many different things!

        Handmade items, is an art that was once

        a thing that made a young woman look,

        Socially Developed.  Then, it became

        a form of Art, to create a Cashmere Sweater

        in the 60’s was the thing to do.  My sister

        was always into knitting and until

        today she continues to make sweaters,

    for babies and children.  What is funny is that . . . I’ve always Crocheted many things!

    This is one of my favorite Art Forms, and I tell people who the craft of making handmade

    items is a gift!  I tried to make many different things and I will keep you posted a long

    the way.  I will also consider selling some things.  This purple rose is a brooch and all

    I have to add is the brooch.


    “I Have to Laugh”

    “I have to laugh . . . To stay Sane!

    We can’t control our DNA is right,

    but we can take charge of our lives

    and roll with the


    Controlling anything in our lives

    is a challenge, but doing–what

    we’ve got to do . . . Our legacy!”

    ~~ Barbara Mujica Carrasquillo

    The Challenges In Life!  We all have to deal with them one way or another!