Where Was I Yesterday?

Home Sweet Home

I was born in Manhattan, and raised in The Bronx! Left New York for 23 years, raised my kids in the good old South. But, somehow the hustle and bustle–called me back!

Went to Brooklyn yesterday to visit my son. My husband was behind the wheel so, all along the way I took many photos, and this one was my favorite. The day was beautiful and taking pictures was a good idea. I didn’t have a lot to ramble about, but I hope you will enjoy my photo–as much as I do!


“I Have to Laugh”

“I have to laugh . . . To stay Sane!

We can’t control our DNA is right,

but we can take charge of our lives

and roll with the


Controlling anything in our lives

is a challenge, but doing–what

we’ve got to do . . . Our legacy!”

~~ Barbara Mujica Carrasquillo

The Challenges In Life!  We all have to deal with them one way or another!

Happy New Years 2013 Is Here!

Here it is the New Year and not much has changed!

I was looking forward to this year, because I’ve got

several plans to make things different, but there is

always something that blocks my path!   I know it’s

not me doing it . . . I think it’s just someone around

giving me a negative vibe.  I’ve got to figure out a

way to get rid of this negativity and move on.

Sometimes we’ve got to let go and walk on our own

two feet!   Something has got to give!

Is it wrong for me to just zone out those that make

me nuts and hinder my journey?  I don’t think so,

but am I wrong to feel this way?   I’ll leave that

answer to all of my blogger friends, what do you



Took this picture in Upstate New York, by Port Jervis

Fall is here and everywhere you look the trees are showing off their

true colors; it would be nice if the humans all over the World would

do the same!  It’s so hard to see all the terrible things that happen

daily, on the News Channels.  Children missing, all the killings,

and horrific accidents happening, all due to some bad karma . . . Maybe!

As a writer, I should be always abreast of all the things happening out

there in the World, but it’s just like looking in the mirror when you

get out of bed, in the morning, you might not like what you see!

It’s On It’s Way!

The feeling I got today was . . . amazing!  I went early

this morning, to the Post Office, to take my idea

proposals, and mail it to my Editor.  I’m happy about

both Idea’s because they are both good.  I am feeling

comfortable about this process, the writer’s experience!

WOW!  I’m finding it hard to stop getting out the

laptop.  Surely, this is a good thing. so I just continue typing

my heart out!  Isn’t this what I’m suppose to do?  You

bloggers out there . . . I would appreciate any input you’d

like to contribute because I know it will make me a better


This mature woman–is on fire . . . Please don’t put me out!

This is just too much fun, and I know the real sign that I’ve

arrived–is getting published.  But, for now I’ll be happy with

just getting a small project going, just to see if I can handle the

stress!  I’d also like to say,

“Thank you my dear bloggers . . . writing to you

everyday has been a wonderful challenge, and I’ve

enjoyed it immensely!”

Just Looking At Family Pictures

“I Was The Wedding Planner”

Today was just one of those days when family pictures really make you happy!

At least, the old memories make my life feel well worth it, I get a warm feeling

in my heart all the time.  I still can’t believe that I successfully pulled off being

the Wedding Planner, for my daughter’s wedding.  I’ve done crazy things in my

life, but this one was a bit too much!  It all started out with the idea that I would

make my daughter her Wedding Cake.  I was fine with that even when she was

just dreaming about what her wedding would be like, someday.

The day finally arrived, and guess what, your never really ready as a parent.

You might think so, but a whole lot of things go through your mind and you just

find yourself . . . agreeing, just because!

Of course, we began the wedding planing and somehow you always find

you need to rearrange ideas.   She wanted Watermelon & Guava for her colors,

and yes we did have many “Steel Magnolia” moments.  It took me a few minutes

to soak those colors in, but they really worked out quite nice.  So, I begin the search

for Pink Gerbera Daisies, accessories for the girls, Pink Cala-lilies for the grooms

men, table linens to match, and on, and on!

By the time we were done, I cooked the meals for the guest, I set up that morning,

I made her pink cake with cannolli-filling, she had her Pink Jordan Almonds on the

candy table.  Well, you can see where this is going!  I could have just put a gun to my

head and been done with it, but I had to stick it out.  This is what she dreamed and

I made it up in my mind that nobody could do it, the way I would.  Yes, I avoided

getting mad at the planner and not being satisfied with the out come, but I missed

my daughter’s wedding.  With the exception of the “I DO!”


**I didn’t forget him, but just in case anybody thought I did!!!  Thanks to my

husband for his major contribution . . . the funds, this contribution

made this wonderful day happen.  I must also say, there was NO LOAN taken

and we don’t borrow . . . AMEN to this too!**

Today I Got It Done!

Today, I got another app on my smart phone, and believe it or not at my age this is an accomplishment.  Most people I know over their 50’s don’t have the patience, to work a remote control much less a smart phone, but I always hear that the more you push your brain to learn, the longer your mind stays active.  So, brain put on that seatbelt and buckle down for a long ride, to my active mentality.  We are on our way into a new era of smart technology, and we need to keep up or we’ll get lost!