“Why Can’t We A…

“Why Can’t We All Be Honest, With Our Feelings?”

It really hasn’t taken me more than two seconds to answer my own question.

But, If you can’t you should, because the only one your hurting is yourself!

Honesty frees the soul and enriches the heart with peace, joy, and laughter. 

Look in the mirror of life and tell yourself (Am I Happy), and if the answer is

(No) you need to check it and don’t disrespect it!

What will your answer be?



Lady Liberty–How Do You Do?

Liberty How Do You Do You?

” Daddy Daddy, I Remember When!”

Lady Lady–Who Do You Feel? You’ll never stand down, because you’re so for real! Your always holding up the light to guide us, through the night. We walk all over you, yet still you stand tall! Lady Liberty, don’t you have any plans–at all? I know what’s in your other hand, while you invite others–to our land!

“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free!”

I will not continue to quote the rest. So, do your best to read the rest, on your own trip too . . . The biggest most exciting city in all the land!

Achilles Tendon

Achilles Tendon

This pain is worse than the pain I’m in on a regular basis!

My Achilles Tendon is all swollen on my right leg! The pain is unbearable! What is crazy is I’ve got no idea how I did it?  It’s not like I run Marathons, which is something I would really love to do.  Just when I think I’ve got one thing beat . . . I wind up with some other problem!  Go Figure!  This pain is worse than the pain I’m in on a regular basis! I’ve got Fibromyalgia, and Sjogrens Syndrome . . . This is a form of Lupus! And as this isn’t bad enough now I’ve got to go see a Podiatrist, like I needed another doctor! I am truly turning into a huge doctor bill!

In Response To A Blog!

I read a blog the other day about a bunch of questions on a Citizenship Test, which is given to people trying to become US Citizens. Now, I see comments on that same blog that makes me want to cry! My grandchildren were both born here, and it scares me to think that my grand-children will grow up, in a country–where not many citizens, who were born here . . . know those questions! 

WOW . . . this comment was upsetting to me, because if our next generations, don’t know enough of the answers to those questions–then what chance do we have as a Nation! I almost want to cry, because everybody seems to have pasted the buck! By this I mean; someone has passed the education, of our youth, to sit solely on the shoulders of the teachers! This isn’t fair! They aren’t our kids parents . . . They are there to put the seed in our kids heads, and it’s the Parents job, to drive in the stake that will hold up the tree! Come on people lets step up to the plate and do this right!!!!

Where Was I Yesterday?

Home Sweet Home

I was born in Manhattan, and raised in The Bronx! Left New York for 23 years, raised my kids in the good old South. But, somehow the hustle and bustle–called me back!

Went to Brooklyn yesterday to visit my son. My husband was behind the wheel so, all along the way I took many photos, and this one was my favorite. The day was beautiful and taking pictures was a good idea. I didn’t have a lot to ramble about, but I hope you will enjoy my photo–as much as I do!

Creativity Is A Wonderful Thing To Possess!

I Was Her Wedding Planner!

I made the center pieces for my daughter Wedding!

Mom the planner was everywhere!
Not quite what I envisioned, but it tasted great I was told!

They were for the kids at Christmas time.

They were for the kids at Christmas time.

The hottest day ever on record!

“I Was The Wedding Planner”


I made my own costume from things around the house.