Now What Do I Do Now?

DCIM100MEDIA    I’ve made many different things!

    Handmade items, is an art that was once

    a thing that made a young woman look,

    Socially Developed.  Then, it became

    a form of Art, to create a Cashmere Sweater

    in the 60’s was the thing to do.  My sister

    was always into knitting and until

    today she continues to make sweaters,

for babies and children.  What is funny is that . . . I’ve always Crocheted many things!

This is one of my favorite Art Forms, and I tell people who the craft of making handmade

items is a gift!  I tried to make many different things and I will keep you posted a long

the way.  I will also consider selling some things.  This purple rose is a brooch and all

I have to add is the brooch.



2 thoughts on “Now What Do I Do Now?

  1. You and my wife would get along swimmingly. She loves to crochet and she is amazingly talented at it as well. She has crocheted Christmas ornaments, collars, hats, scarves, shawls, and stuffed armadillos (I collect armadillos).

  2. That’s funny! I bet you had someone in the family make you and Armadillo Grooms Cake, for your Wedding Day!
    It’s a wonderful craft to continue the art of Crochet, it is one good thing I learned from my sister! I also made Christmas scarves for everyone in my husbands family house. I’m glad you came by to my blog and I hope to see you there again, as I will be checking your blog out myself, since we seem to have lots in common.

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