A Writer Is Emerging Rapidly!

In past couple of days, I’ve had this sudden urge . . . To post
several different ideas in my blog. I feel a bit strange, and I
wonder is this what Ernest Hemingway felt like when ideas
came to him, in small segments! Today will certainly be a
busy day for me. Only because I’ve got several crochet projects
that have to get finished, and many crochet projects that have
to begin. I also know to be a good writer. I’ve got to be a good
reader! I read somewhere this week that reading the works
of other authors, will enhance my writing. So, I certainly want
to learn from the best, can you blame me. Thank the good Lord
for adding multitasking into a woman’s brain, just like he
inserted red. Since I’ve begun the day riding, and it’s only
1:30 p.m., on a Sunday afternoon– I will end this next post
on my blog with a final thought.
Quote of the day:
“You may not be an outstanding writer, but put pen in-hand and your thoughts will flow!” ~~BMC~~


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