The Beginning of A Funny Story

Idea # 2

                                                              SENIOR DEVELOPMENT

My name is Bobbie Jane Navinagus, in 2011 my husband and I moved in with his family,

in New York City.  I came from a small town in Tennessee, called Smyrna. I found that

I’ve developed a severe immune system breakdown. So, after my 4th pneumonia in

one year, my doctor told my husband,

“Mr. Navinagus you’ve got to get your wife out-of-town, by Sun Up!”

So, he put me in our car, and off we went. We drove all night, by morning we were in

front of a three-story brick family home, in The Bronx.  Now, we’re not quite seniors,

and my husband is probably the healthiest member of this crew. I quickly realized

that out of 7 people, who reside here, only one of us goes to work everyday–guess

who. The rest of us are retired or disabled.

The change in environment proved to be just what I needed! So, this is where this

story begins, and you will see how a crew of seven people live in harmony, here in

this urban oasis.

Everyday before Sun up Mama does her car pooling! She takes her lovely grand kids

to school. Then,she makes a stop, at the corner store, for some hot authentic

Italian Bread. Wow, these extra pounds on the hips can be depressing, but we sip

our coffee’s and talk for hours, about many things. By lunch time we meet at the

table and talk some more, one good thing has come of this arrangement, we make

each other forget the aches and pains.  Well, I can finally say, I’m really part of

this funny household of disabled crew members, and this story will make you

die laughing, or die crying . . . you decide.


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