Happy New Years 2013 Is Here!

Here it is the New Year and not much has changed!

I was looking forward to this year, because I’ve got

several plans to make things different, but there is

always something that blocks my path!   I know it’s

not me doing it . . . I think it’s just someone around

giving me a negative vibe.  I’ve got to figure out a

way to get rid of this negativity and move on.

Sometimes we’ve got to let go and walk on our own

two feet!   Something has got to give!

Is it wrong for me to just zone out those that make

me nuts and hinder my journey?  I don’t think so,

but am I wrong to feel this way?   I’ll leave that

answer to all of my blogger friends, what do you



One thought on “Happy New Years 2013 Is Here!

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