This Elf Is Just About Finished!

Been busy working on handmade scarves

Been busy working on handmade scarves!

They call this pattern the “Mindless Scarf” and I think it is a perfect name for a pattern.

I’ve been working on scarves of all colors, sizes, and textures of yarns.  It has been

easy not having to look at the pattern over and over again, so yes it is easy!   I love it

because it looks so special!   The family already knows they are receiving one, but

they don’t know what colors I’ve picked for each one of them.  This is my surprise.

I decided to do this because crocheted things last many years and I’ll be remembered

for the Crochet Elf of the family this year.  What fun being an Elf!!!   Now, I know what

they mean by Christmas Spirit!

I have been offered to do my scarves for a softball team.  So, lets see what comes of it!

I enjoy making them and if I could make a couple of bucks doing something I really love

why not!!!   I’ll keep you my readers posted!

My Novel is in the works and I’ve decided to make it a Mystery, Romance Novel.  So,

wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted on this as well!   Look out for a post about this

in January!





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