It’s On It’s Way!

The feeling I got today was . . . amazing!  I went early

this morning, to the Post Office, to take my idea

proposals, and mail it to my Editor.  I’m happy about

both Idea’s because they are both good.  I am feeling

comfortable about this process, the writer’s experience!

WOW!  I’m finding it hard to stop getting out the

laptop.  Surely, this is a good thing. so I just continue typing

my heart out!  Isn’t this what I’m suppose to do?  You

bloggers out there . . . I would appreciate any input you’d

like to contribute because I know it will make me a better


This mature woman–is on fire . . . Please don’t put me out!

This is just too much fun, and I know the real sign that I’ve

arrived–is getting published.  But, for now I’ll be happy with

just getting a small project going, just to see if I can handle the

stress!  I’d also like to say,

“Thank you my dear bloggers . . . writing to you

everyday has been a wonderful challenge, and I’ve

enjoyed it immensely!”


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