Just Looking At Family Pictures

“I Was The Wedding Planner”

Today was just one of those days when family pictures really make you happy!

At least, the old memories make my life feel well worth it, I get a warm feeling

in my heart all the time.  I still can’t believe that I successfully pulled off being

the Wedding Planner, for my daughter’s wedding.  I’ve done crazy things in my

life, but this one was a bit too much!  It all started out with the idea that I would

make my daughter her Wedding Cake.  I was fine with that even when she was

just dreaming about what her wedding would be like, someday.

The day finally arrived, and guess what, your never really ready as a parent.

You might think so, but a whole lot of things go through your mind and you just

find yourself . . . agreeing, just because!

Of course, we began the wedding planing and somehow you always find

you need to rearrange ideas.   She wanted Watermelon & Guava for her colors,

and yes we did have many “Steel Magnolia” moments.  It took me a few minutes

to soak those colors in, but they really worked out quite nice.  So, I begin the search

for Pink Gerbera Daisies, accessories for the girls, Pink Cala-lilies for the grooms

men, table linens to match, and on, and on!

By the time we were done, I cooked the meals for the guest, I set up that morning,

I made her pink cake with cannolli-filling, she had her Pink Jordan Almonds on the

candy table.  Well, you can see where this is going!  I could have just put a gun to my

head and been done with it, but I had to stick it out.  This is what she dreamed and

I made it up in my mind that nobody could do it, the way I would.  Yes, I avoided

getting mad at the planner and not being satisfied with the out come, but I missed

my daughter’s wedding.  With the exception of the “I DO!”


**I didn’t forget him, but just in case anybody thought I did!!!  Thanks to my

husband for his major contribution . . . the funds, this contribution

made this wonderful day happen.  I must also say, there was NO LOAN taken

and we don’t borrow . . . AMEN to this too!**


One thought on “Just Looking At Family Pictures

  1. Thanks to my wonderful parents, we had a beautiful wedding day! My dad and mom worked so hard to make it my special day and Stephen and I are truly grateful for everything! Love you mom and dad!!!

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