Had A Dream . . . Of An Erotic Vampire!

This dream was so hot I had to write about it . . . Twilight it wasn’t!

In my dream we lived in a huge mansion, with modern furnishings

that were dreamy, to say the least!  The first scene begins with me as

the vampires wife.  We awake after our hundred year nap.  We took

this nap, because we got bored living in the same Century year

after year.

My husband was 6′-5″ tall, intensely muscular, dark-haired, glaring eyed

young man who was 35 when made.  But, he was always a big flirt and this

is one of his short comings, a flaw–I had trouble with.  When, he made me

I was a 5′-4″ tall,  125 lb., large chest, with a bit of a large rump, when made

I was 30 years old.

“Hello, Babe I’m getting hungry and I’m sure you are as well!  Would

you like an early evening cocktail?”

So, I lift my room and somehow found myself in an alley talking to this

good-looking dude.  He smelled so good . . . I had to taste him first, I talked

him into a three-some with me and my husband.  He thought the idea was

wonderful and so did I!  Before we got to my apartment, I had to make out

with this guy.  I asked him what his name was and he said,

“My name is Jude!”  I told him that name made me wet and he smiled.

I stopped him right there!  Then,  Jude had to be mine first, because of

two reasons, one I was hungry and two his kisses were amazing.  Men

never have any idea what a good tongue lashing makes a woman feel

like,  it doesn’t matter what Century she is from.


Well, my blogger friends, I woke up and that was the end of that, but

that female in that dream was right about one thing.  A good kisser in any

relationship is a very good thing.   🙂   I have a blogger friend that is into

Erotic Books and I was wondering if that might be my calling, maybe my

dreams are trying to tell me something.  I would be interested in know

what you my blogger friends think?


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