English: Heart and Earth

English: Heart and Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love is in the air, Love is everywhere!
I wish the previous statement were true, some of us have love in
our lives, and others are still searching for it.  Have you had that
tingle in her heart, and that warm feeling all over, or have you
only dreamed of it.  We know that there are many kinds of love!
The love of a mother for her child, but unfortunately
some mothers don’t feel this love.  The love of a sister
for her brother, but again some siblings don’t feel
this love.  The love for a pet that gives you unconditional
love, but sadly there are humans that are just incapable
of this kind of love.   
There is so much hate in the news today, and everyday!
But, what if just one day, only one day where there is love 
all over the world . . . Would it make a difference?  Why can’t
we just try this small task!  Is this so unreasonable for us
to take one day out of our lives and just love those around
us?  I wish with all my heart that there were one small thing
to say to The World, to bring about such a day!
     “A day were we don’t discuss Religion!  A day were we don’t 
      discuss Politics.  One day when we can forget how hateful
      people can be.  A day were we focus on making our families
      happy in every way.  A day to forgive all those who have 
      tried to hurt us, one way or another, even though I know 
      this is a hard thing to do! ” 
I realize that this is a tall order, but we’ve got to begin somewhere.
Only you can make the difference, take that small step, that little leap
from your lily-pad, and someone might follow along.  Make your heart
smile.  Love yourself and you’ll see how others will Love you back!

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