I’m Just Terrible!

Hello my blogger friends, I’ve been doing so many things over the past 10 months, I’m

mentally tired.  I spent three months in Tennessee with my daughter and friends preparing

for my daughter’s Wedding Day, and all I did was plan!  We worked so hard that on the

day of the wedding all went as good as could be expected, but the weather was unbearable.

The weather was 115 degrees that day and we all lost 20 lbs. I’m sure!

Being a Wedding Planner is a hell of a job, it may look easy, but once the

work is done the rewards are satisfying.  I’m back in New York now

working on preparing my first Novel and I plan to give it my all.  I will

be blogging daily to keep me in the loop of writing something everyday,

even if it makes no sense.  “NOT” I will do my best to make sense, and

if I don’t please keep up with me and let me know!


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