A Concert Night Out In The South!

Spend a nice night out under a full moon over the Main Street,

of Murfreesboro, TN.  Went with a friend and we took some

folding chairs, we sat front row.  It was the first Concert on

the Square for this Summer.  The music was Hip Hop and

they did a great job of getting everybody wanting to dance.

I was a bit cold, but that’s because the temperature here in

the South drop to 57 degrees.  What else is new about this

crazy weather.

Well, I’m back home now and in my PJ’s . . . I’m listening

to Daddy Yankee on Pandora Radio and chilling now.  I

just thought I should post something on my blog even if

nobody reads it I wrote it and this is all that matters to me.

“NOT”  Please take a look and let me know what you my

best-friend bloggers think of what I had to say.  Even if it

isn’t earth-shattering.  LOL Maybe tomorrow I’ll have

something a bit more meaning full to say.

“There is Still Free Entertainment!”


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