The Wedding Planner

Over the years I’ve attended many weddings!  I managed to plan my

own wedding and it was such a success that everybody still talks about it today.

I got married again, twenty-three years ago, and I have got to say, “I will

never walk that runway again!” I just think that people don’t take enough

time out to really get to know someone these days.  We are all in a rush

to find comfort in the arms of someone.  I think we all need to see what

we are lacking in our lives before we take on the eternal commitment of

caring for someone else.  I might be wrong, but honestly there are to

many messed up relationships, and entirely to many kids who come

from broken homes.  It’s not far!

I know how it feels to be a young child with only one parent, and yes

it did make a difference in the way I grew up.  People be honest with

yourself and really take the time to know the person you claim, is the one.

Because, we all look good at first, it’s what we look like after 50 years that

really makes the difference!


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