Just A Strange Feeling

Remembering my childhood has been easier, since I’ve arrived back in The Bronx.

I drive around like I’ve never left the city, and surprise myself sometimes.  I almost

feel like something good is coming and when it does I’ll know it!  There has to be

a reason for me being back, and I’m on the look out for whatever it is.  I never thought

I’d leave my home in Tennessee, because of recurring pneumonia, and move in

with my husbands’ family.  But I guess my life has always been unpredictable, I

am seriously out of my element.  We have all been doing well, so this is a

blessing . . . It has been 9 months and I have done all I can, not to rub anybody

against the grain!  I’m good!  So, for those of you that can’t get along with the

in-laws, “Why can’t we all get along!”


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