Here we go again with the Spring allergies!

ImageThis morning on a radio station,

in NYC, I heard that a Doctor in

Manhattan has noticed an increase

in new patients with allergies

this year.

“What in the hell is going on . . . I

relocate back to The Bronx, and

now the pollen is messing up

people here too. I’m already noticing a problem with my breathing.

All this time I’ve been doing great!  Please don’t let me start getting the

same problems I had in Tennessee,  The pollen in the South was so

bad anyone with upper respiratory problems had to stay inside.

I was beginning to feel like a Vampire!  I like watching movies about

Vamps, but I don’t want to join their club.

I know it’s been a while, since my last post, but it’s only because

I get caught up with life all around that I not only forget to sit and

do what I know I love . . . Write!

My daughter is walking down the aisle in June, and guess who is

making the arrangements for the wedding.  You’ve got it ME!

I’m also making the cake and planning the dinner, because

the wedding is being held on a Plantation in the South.

There has to be a sit down meal and my lovely cake to boot.

When, will I stop taking  control of what goes on in this

family, I wonder!  Is it because I like being Wonder Woman,

or is it because I like to stress myself out.  I do it sometimes

to the point of losing my mind, but no-matter what I do . . . It

always comes up good.


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