I’ve been Sick lately . . . And I don’t mean Hot, Cool, or Sexy!

I’ve been to many places,  in The Bronx, and what

I’ve noticed is everybody has to go back to school.

The English here has a lot to be desired.  I went to

the pizza shop the other day, for a couple of slices,

and three young ladies entered to order their meals.

One young girl ordered and this is how she did it,

“Can I get two slices and a Pepsi”

I don’t know was that a question or a statement.

Better yet what the hell is that?  Years ago I

remember ordering was like this,

“I’d like to order two slices and a Pepsi!”

This sounds so much better.  I don’t know how

anybody else does it, or if it annoys you, but it

makes me nuts.


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