The Life Lottery

Well, here I go again!  Last week I went to visit the

eye doctor, because I was having trouble seeing with

my old glasses.  I’m bad at forgetting to take care of

small details like this, but the other doctors I go to

like clock-work.  Only, because I’ve got to many illnesses

to keep up with.  So, I thought!

The eye doctors appointment went well with the

exception of one little problem.  He looks into my

eye and noticed that there is some swelling in the

back of my head, and he says, “Don’t Worry . . .

But I want you to see a Neurologist, asap!”

Well, this was last week and my appointment

was made for tomorrow (1/10/12).  So, now

as if I don’t have enough on my plate, here is

one more thing to take care of.  Life is never

boring, keeps me on my toes, and always makes

me a winner of, The Life Lottery!


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