Are We Really Honest . . . All The Time

I know that most people would say, “Yes, I’m always honest!”

But, is this really the truth, I’m not so sure.  If your single and

looking online to find a partner, do you tell them the truth at

first about everything or do you dress this and that up with

the little white fib.

Then, there are people who have been in a relationship for a while

and haven’t tied the knot.  Are you there because you really

are in love, but don’t believe in marriage or is it that you

feel comfortable having someone in bed, and you can’t stand

the thought of being alone.

I also believe that there are those of us . . . Who don’t want to

be dishonest, yet we don’t want to tell our partners everything

because after all we’re not children anymore.  We should be

able to keep some things to ourselves!

So, whatever the reasons are for those little–Mums The Word–

moments, don’t feel bad, remember your only human and not

meant to be perfect.  “Nobody Truly Is!”


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