I’m Back In The Bronx!

I’ve been here in The Bronx, since July of 2011,

I’ve got to say it’s been exciting to be here

the city where all my memories lie.  Today, I went

to dinner at a restaurant on the neighborhood I

lived in over 30 years ago.  My oldest son was an

infant and toddler there, with memories every

where!  Somehow, I’ve always known that I’d

be coming back to New York.  I lived in the south

for 22 years, and my dreams of my Bronx

apartment building have always been there.  The

streets in my dreams where the streets that I

walked around in yesterday.  It just seems like

this was meant to be, why I don’t know yet, but

there is always a reason for everything and in

time I will discover . . . Why I was brought

back to evoke memories?


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