Thanksgiving is a memory now!

The turkey has been digested and our desire to eat

everything all at once . . . should have subsided!

At least we hope it has, but if you find that your about

to get into the holiday spirit all over again, just think

how much harder it will be once the year ends.

Yes, it will end and we will be back where we started.

Wondering why in the hell have we done this to ourselves

again! Well, dear bloggers–don’t fret–just look at it this way,

“We Only Live Once, and Tomorrow Is Another Day!”

We can do it all over again next year and maybe this time

you’ll succeed.

On the other hand, you might get with the program and

set that goal, so be brave, make that commitment, and

get to it.  Why, not start now!  It will sure be a test of your

well power, whatever that is!  This is just a bit to think

about when your browsing past my blog, and wondering

what in the hell I’m talking about–LOL


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