Is It Really Because Their Getting Older?

Why is it that people always have an excuse, for the

stupidity of others? For years now, I’ve been in several

situations where others have said,

“Don’t get upset . . . She didn’t mean it.  She is getting older

now and doesn’t realize what she saying!”

Yea-right, camouflage it all, and make it all go away.

You could only get  so far with the excuses.

Sooner or later, somebody is going to pay the piper!

More than likely, it will be the older party.  I’ve gotten

so use to getting verbally abused that I’ve drown out

most of  it, but sometimes she can really stick that  dagger

full-force into my ribs.  This is just metaphorically

of course, but sometimes it feels literal.  It always feels

like there is some kinda vendetta going on with us.

Sometimes I wonder, when did it begin, was it in the

womb?  Or, could it have been a progressive thing?


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