My New Grand-daughter Has Arrived . . . Crystalynn Clarisse Carrasquillo

My lovely grand baby CC

6 lbs - 19 inches

Yesterday morning, I was on the computer and

I  noticed my daughter-in-law Sarah on the

computer to!  I asked her if she was alright and

she replied,

” Mom, I can’t sleep, so I will do some cleaning

and then take a nap!”

Right then, I knew that the baby was going to

make an entrance!  It’s funny, but true that when

a woman is about to give birth she begins to clean

house.  This is what is called, cleaning the nest!  I

am proud and happy to say that the kids enjoyed

the birth of our angel together and alone.  I’m so proud of both of them!

They have made the whole family happy.  Thank God for this great blessing.

We now have two lovely grand-daughters and we are both proud grand-parents.


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