What Thanksgiving means to me.

     Thanksgiving has always meant, lots of menu planning, many days of grocery shopping,

and inviting those I love to join me at the dinner table.  But, when I really think about

what this day means . . . I realize that it’s not just a day to chomp on good food.  It’s not

just a day to celebrate the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims and the Indians.  It’s not

just an excuse to get a new outfit, it’s a day to be with those people who I’ve been blessed

with.  People like my sons, daughter, grand-daughters.

     Ultimately, I would also enjoy the company of my sister & brothers!  There is also plenty

of room for Aunts & Uncles, Moms & Dads, beloved friends . . . I could continue with this list,

but you know who they will be at your table.

     So, as I enjoy this holiday I’ll be grateful for much more than the basic things, I’ll be

grateful to be alive, to be able to deal with my illness and enjoy . . . just being!  I give

thanks everyday to all the branches of the Military, for their sacrifice and the sacrifice

of their families, for making sure that we are all protect!  Thanksgiving shouldn’t only

be on November 24th, it should be . . .  everyday of every week, every minute of

everyday,  because you never know when you might need help from those around you.

     Therefore, I try my very best to be as cheerful, helpful, and kind to those around me,

because I am thankful just to have lived half-a-century, and hope to live the other half

with joy in my heart!


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