Geek Squad My Ash! :(

Had my laptop hard drive go bad, when I took the computer to Best Buy for help.

Guess who was eager to assist me . . . My friendly neighborhood Geek Squad.  Well,

let me tell you about the damn GD Geek Squad. This time it took three weeks to get

the laptop back and it came back with a new hard drive, but they scratched my

laptop severally.  All they did was tell me that they can send it back, so what now

another three weeks, hell no!  I got 50.00 gift card, and I had to spend the money

on a skin.

This time they had to get me a new ac/adapter power cord. So, what do they do,

they put an order into the manufacturer, because they don’t have power cords there.

The only thing that damn GD Geek Squad can do is file an order, and take your

complaint, because they–sure as hell are unable to fix a damn thing!

Well, Best Buy & Their Geek Squad, can kiss my ASS!  Sorry, bloggers I just

had to tell it like it is!


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