What being a Freelance Writer means to me!

Over the years I’ve done many things and the one I’m most proud of is raising my kids with my husband Vinny! There are so many ways to tell people you love how you feel, but writing will always be the ultimate way to communicate, how you really feel.


3 thoughts on “What being a Freelance Writer means to me!

  1. I have always said I am a better writer than talker. So I agree that sometimes communication through writing is always nice. Me and my partner used to keep a journal, it was nice just to write my thoughts down and another way to keep track of us. I was just talking to her the other day about how we need to get back to writing in our journal to each other.

  2. Hello Caryn, I like that you both have journals and can write to each other in them. This is a wonderful way to communicate all the important things you feel about each other. In this time of electronic information . . . Let your thought flow out of your hands and heart, can be so intense and emotional. This is the best way to tell someone you care about how you really feel. Writing has become something I use just for that, to express to myself what is really important to me. Thanks for the luck! 🙂 I appreciate the comments and I hope we can continue to blog. B

  3. I completely agree that sometimes it just feels good to actually write. Not send an email or a text, but to write. To me it is so much more personal and intimate. Since we moved to Vegas in August we lost track, but we both know it played a huge part in our relationship before and want to re-implement it into our “new lives.” Writing is also the best way I express myself. I talk to much and have no filter, and with writing I can better focus my thoughts 🙂 Here is some more luck lol and I hope we can continue to blog as well 🙂

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